Dan Murphy’s MRD ET


Here are a few updated pics of Dan’s ET taken at the track after the amazing 11 second pass along with some engine bay pics showing the new turbo which helped the car get there. The N12Turbo sticker sure stands out on that black bonnet doesn’t it! 😉


After so long waiting for the 11 second barrier to be broken, we all expected the leading contenders to get there first. Those being Con in his wild orange ET, or Chris Luu in his dark blue weapon. Little did we expect a new comer to just turn up on the scene and instantly take the spot light. However this is exactly what Dan and his blueprint blue ET have done. Its first pass 2 weeks ago showed huge potential with a 12.88 @ 98 Mph and backing off at half track. It didn’t take long for us to see what this car was really capable of! Next outing saw the following passes:-

Pass #1 :-   12.44 @ 121.42MPH   

Pass #2 :-   12.38 @ 122.98MPH   

Pass #3 :-   12.15 @ 123.69MPH

With consistently quicker passes being put down, it was no surpise to see this ET run into the 11’s and that it sure did!  11.94 @ 123.45 MPH with a 1.9 second 60ft was more then enough to shoot this car straight to the top of the list. Absolutely huge mph for a 1.5 8-valve sohc fwd. What is even more impressive is this ET did it all with a set of non-forged ACL pistons.

A year or more ago, the quest for 12’s seemed an impossible thing for an e15. That was reached and the search for 11’s seemed even more impossible. My question is now, where do we stop? Will I be saying the exact same thing in a few years when we crack the 10 second barrier? Some food for thought ;-).

Congratulations from n12.com to everybody involved in the production of this car. Truly amazing stuff guys.


One of the latest ET’s to come about of late is this very clean example owned by Dan Murphy. Built by the Guys at MRD Performance it has the go to match the show! 1/4 mile times are a big priority and with his current setup it should lay some very nice figures. Final aims are to hopefully see an 11 second time slip and I wish the guys all the best in there efforts. I will try to keep up to date with the progress of this ET as its future looks bright.

20/07/03 – Updated Pics

18/06/03 – Old Pics

Name: Dan Murphy
Model: ET
Location —
Year: 1984
Colour: Blueprint Blue (Current BA Falcon colour)
Period of ownership: 17 months
Engine mods:Garrett T28 Roller Bearing Turbo
Decked, Bored and O-Ringed
Custom MRD Exhaust Manifold
MRD Custom Plenum
MRD 3” Mandrel Bent Exhaust
Microtech MT8 ECU
4 Puck Clutch
500 by 350 Intercooler
Autotecnica Blow Off Valve
Custom Cam
Ported and Polished Head
RX7 Injectors
Custom Fuel rail
Interior Mods:Velour Door Trims
87 Nissan Pulsar GL Seats
Sony Head Unit
Kenwood 7*10” Speakers
Audioline 2*300 Watt Amp
Autometer Boost Gauge
Autometer Oil Press Gauge
Autometer Temp Gauge
Sports Steering Wheel
Battery Located in Boot
Exterior mods:Lowered Kings Springs
Jetspeed Front Bar
Pedders Gas Shocks
MRD Strut Brace
Wheels:16” ALT Champion Rims
Performance:Coming soon 😉
Future Plans:NOS System
MRD Dog engagement Gearbox & LSD
Forged Piston
Full Interior Re-Trim
New Paint
All Mods done by MRD Performance call Ben on (03)9720 4074 or 0408 396 541
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