Intake and Exhaust

Manifold – Exhaust

In the power game a custom-designed and tuned exhaust manifold  to facilitate smooth and unrestricted exhaust flow will clearly be beneficial. The standard E15ET exhaust manifold is a well know restrictive area and is always most often than not replaced when chasing big HP out of the E15ET engine. A common problem with the exhaust …

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Exhaust System

A volatile fuel/air mixture can be a very useful thing.  But after you burn it down to carbon monoxide and a collection of other lesser gasses it becomes little more than a liability.  What do you do with this liability?  Get rid of it.  Fast. Such is the principle of a performance exhaust system. A …

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Manifold – Inlet

Inlet Manifold A Japanese-spec E15ET inlet manifold is an easy bold-on modification for Australian-delivery E15ET’s. This manifold features longer runners and theoretically has marginally better flow properties over Australian E15ET manifolds. Noteworthy is the fact that the design of these manifolds is such that the installation of one on an E15ET will realign the orientation …

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AFM Relocation Procedure

AFM Relocation Procedure The original article lead to a link that was hosted on Fullboost, here. Unfortunately that link now leads to a 404 page.I have made an effort to resurrect the original guide posted on N12 Turbo. You can see the guide below. There has always been a great need for someone to complete …

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