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Welcome to the new N12Turbo.com website. This new site has been aggressively in development for a long time and we’re happy it is finally seeing the light of day! We have many exciting things planned. We have also launched the new Merch Store. Currently we have N12Turbo.com lanyards available. New products are in development and we’re also looking at some 3D printed replacement parts for your N12!

Featured N12: mre16t – “Exa nose sunset”

Latest updates and articles

Art of Speed 2017 Malaysia

Bring back the 80’s – and more about the Art of Speed 2017 expo.

World’s Fastest ET – Bjorn’s 8 Second 1/4 Mile FWD Record

Check out this insane video of Bjorn doing an 8 second 1/4 mile in his custom built ET.

Tony C, winner of Shannon’s Club First Car Competition

Check out Shannon’s write up on Tony C’s ET

Top 10 List
WRBjorn Holmberg (Video)8.99
1T. Jovanovski11.28
2Dan Murphy11.52
3Bjorn Holmberg11.72
4Con Anestis12.20
5Uschi Rogers12.39
6Chris Luu12.56
7Lou Matreski12.57
8Rob Schmidt12.75
9Damian D13.11
10Sam Parker13.20
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