E15ET Double Valve Springs

Info by Changez For people wanting to upgrade from the standard single valve spring and also want increased seat pressure, CrowCams offer double valve springs for the E15ET engine. The part number from CrowCams is 4220. The standard e15et shims are all this is needed and spring retainer cap will hold the double spring perfectly. …

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Porting and polishing

It has been said by many that the head design of the E15ET is flawed and unsatisfactory. Basically the E-series head is a poor design on account of its restrictive flow properties. So what do you do? Porting and polishing is a general term describing the process in which the engine’s cylinder head can be …

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Alternative camshaft profiles are available for the E15ET through a number of channels. A standard E15ET cam can be reground to a point to alter valve lift and duration. For more extreme cam modifications a grind on a new unground cam billet can also be performed. Both of these above options can be dealt with …

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1680CC Stroke Job

There is available a naturally aspirated E16 N12 Nissan Pulsar in both Sedan and Hatch body shells. These cars will be dated as 1986-on sales. The crankshaft from this E16 engine will fit with standard E15ET rods and custom pistons.  These pistons are required to prevent travel of the piston beyond deck height at top …

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