Alternative camshaft profiles are available for the E15ET through a number of channels.

A standard E15ET cam can be reground to a point to alter valve lift and duration. For more extreme cam modifications a grind on a new unground cam billet can also be performed. Both of these above options can be dealt with by companies such as Camtech and Speco. These companies will grind a cam to the customers’ specs.

Additionally, performance companies Crow and Wade both sell a pre-packaged performance camshaft grind.

All three of these options are viable. Which is more appropriate in a given circumstance is purely a matter for the customer’s discretion. For example, a grind for an exact match to the customer’s requirements can be conducted by Camtech and Speco, whereas a Crow or Wade cam is available only pre-ground, and this point may deter some buyers. The Crow cam in particular comes highly recommended, however, and is no doubt a reasonable option for most modest E15ET’s.

A table of camshaft grind specs for the E15ET sourced from the E15ET mailing list is provided on the Yahoo! E15ET group site in the E15ET files section. While the origin of this cam sheet is unknown, the specs for stage one-through-five grinds as described within could no doubt be used by request in another cam workshop.  Note that stage-three to stage-five grinds require a new billet.

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