Bjorn’s Cherry Turbo

This is Bjorn’s Cherry Turbo all the way from across in Sweden. So far this car has ran a 1/4 mile time of 12.49 seconds at 112 MPH which is very fast! Fast enough to be right up there on the E15ET Top 10. However it has not been included in the top 10 due to the list being Australian only. We will put a special note though at the bottom of the list to acknowledge Bjorn’s acheivement. The pictures are donated from his website and we will try to keep track on the future improvements of this very fast (if not the worlds fastest) Nissan Cherry.

Name: Bjorn Holmberg
Model: Cherry Turbo
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 1986
Colour: Grey/Black
Period of ownership: 2 years.
Engine mods:During my first year with this car, the only thing I did was to renovate the second engine (after melting a piston with the factory fitted ones) with a mild port job and some crownshaving of the pistons.
With 1.5 BAR (21 PSI) of boost through a Fiat Uno intercooler it ran 14.27@ 95 mph over 402 meters (1/4 mile).
Now in the second year of ownership I was convinced to run much foster years modifications are (in point form):
Ported cylinder head
Double valvesprings
Crown-shaved and weight adjusted standard pistons
Weight adjusted and shotpened
standard rods
Fuelpump from an Audi RS4
Malpassi fuel-pressure regulator
Custom made intake, but with standard fuel-injectors.  (I didn’t upgade them until after the 12.49s run)

Volvo 940 throttle bodie
2.5 inch piping from turbo to throttle
Saab 9000 Intercooler
Mitsubishi TD04HL 16T turbocharger with built in wastegate adjusted to 1.7 bars boost (24 PSI)
Forged alloy dumpvalve
Airflow metre-body from Ford Scorpio converted with Cherry-electronics
3 inch exhaust system from turbo to back
Custom made clutch
…that’s what I can come to think of at the moment.
Interior Mods:I have completely rebuilt the instruments to a digital tacho and rev-meter, Lambda and boost meters. That’s most of the interesting stuff. Apart from that all the non-vital interior components have been removed from the car to save weight. Today it weights around 800kg’s where it was 980kg’s originally.
Exterior mods:Not much attention has been spent to make the car look good. All efforts has been made to get the car over the finish line as fast as possible. Ok, not completely true, but almost!
Its got a new front spoiler from a Suzuki Swift GTI that has been mildly modified to make room for the intercooler. It also has a brutal tailwing from a Mazda 626 and also the scoop on the bonnet which was made from a satellite dish! But I tested back and forth with that and another bonnet to see which one was best concerning aerodynamics versus cooling of the engine.
To get the MickeyThompson’s fitted I had to modify the edges of the frontwings/guards. That was done two nights before the 12.49 run and in mild anger! Therefore they will probably be remade next season.
I also put on a wild rally lookalike sticker package that I designed, but that was in the beginning of 2001.
Wheels:13 X 5 inch steel rims modified to 13 X 8 inch to fit the MT’s.
The MT Slicks measure 24.5 X 8 inch and make really good contact to the track.
Performance:60 ft: At the 12.49 run I did 2.01s, the fastest ever being 1.94 seconds.
0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) on track:
¼ mile:
12.49 @ 112 mph
1/8 mile:
8.0 @ 88.8 mph
Future Plans:Future plans include making the car even lighter, get more horsepower and run faster. Isn’t that what everybody plans?? lol
I’m strongly considering on testing it on a dyno just to end all discussions about how many BHP I really, or could have. This car might look a bit odd, and I can guarantee you it is not even half as odd as you might think. With this baby I have spent basically all my assets and all my spare time for the last year.
I have done all building of the engine my self, except for building the custom exhaust and intake manifold. Some of you who read this might think I missed some things out in the engine modification-list…
But the truth is that my standard gearbox has given me nothing but a winding sound after almost getting it in 1
st gear after 2
nd once. Apart from that it has been running as cool as ever. The driveshafts are still standard, and hasn’t caused any problems so far either. The brakes really aren’t up for stopping the car from topspeed but it is far faster than I want to go in it anyway.
What about the ECU u ask?
I have used the standard E15ET ECU all year. Different fuelpump, different size of the airflowmeter yes, but the box is untouched. Who could think that would work back in 1986?
How about stroking?
I was really in to stroking it up to 1.7 litres, but lack of time and money left me with the only alternative to run with a standard (not nitrated or shotpeened) crank.
For those who are in doubt, I recommend a visit to my webpage. It’s in Swedish on the startpage, but once you click on the English flag in the top left corner you will probably understand much better.
Until next season, have a good one.
Now I’m going back to my garage to make a killer Cherry 2003 🙂
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