Damo’s ET

This is Damo’s ET. It currently resides at position 4 on the Top 10 list with a flying 13.75 @ 100mph! What is so special about this is that Damo still uses the standard ECU + injectors which is an achievement in itself.

Name: Damien Di Munno
Email: Damlowet@yahoo.com
Model: ET
Location Canberra, ACT
Year: 1984
Colour: Mitsubishi Fuji Blue
Period of ownership: 5 Years.
Engine mods:Bought the car dead stock bar a 2.5inch exhaust.  Soon blew my first head gasket as the waste gate actuator was getting stuck closed resulting in too much boost.   Bought a G-tech not long into the ownership of the car.  Ran 0-100’s in flat 9’s ¼’s in high 15’s.  Upped boost to 12-14psi, dropped 1sec off the 0-100 and ½.sec of the ¼ mile.  Hole sawed the standard T/B to take a hand fabricated 53mm butterfly + relocated AFM at the same time.  This netted in a big increase in throttle response.  Installed 4 puck Brass button clutch.  0-100 in 7’s high 14 ¼.mile  Burnt an exhaust valve/blew head gasket, swapped heads with a spare I had out of a burnt wreck, slightly ported the head.  Big mistake!!  Bent three exhaust valve due to valve bounce of the softened valve springs due to the car being burnt and creating massive heat in the engine bay.  Swapped exhaust valves.  Installed small I/C, more boost 15-18psi.  Car running high 6’s 0-100 and mid 14’s ¼.mile.   Removed all unnecessary weight.  Best of low 6 0-100 and 14.26 ¼.mile.  Swapped to L20 T3 and Supra I/C and 3inch dump, traction posing a huge prob, easy low 6’s and 14’s.  Went to Eastern Creek with some slicks, engine running bad ran 14.559 @ 154kmh, massive lean outs due to stuffed FPR.  Found problem, upped pressure, ran 13.73 on the street with slicks.  Engine died due to lean mixtures at the track, busted piston rings.  Re-build, did more porting, more boost 18-20psi, run high 5’s and high 13’s on street tyres.  Broke ring-lands off a piston due to lean-out detonation.  New pistons AGAIN.  Installed O2 sensor + metre, installed VL helper pump, installed malpassi RR FPR, installed big I/C and full 3inch system.  Wound up fuel pressure, mixtures o.k.  Ran 13.71 @ 161kmh at the Creek.  G-tech shows 0-100 in 5.31sec 13.31@173kmh.  Achieved goal of running sub 14sec ¼. @ 100mph+ with standard ECU + injectors + AFM.
Interior Mods:Re-trimmed doors in blue velour, in the process of colour coding interior.  Old Sony deck 10cd stacker, crappy splits, no-name small 4channal amp for splits, 2 10inch poly cone Jaycar subs in bass tubes run off 2channel 150w Jaycar amp.  Plenty for me!
Exterior mods:Total de-badge, spoiler + side stripes removed, changed hatch for non-wiper, bare metal respray (by me).
Wheels:16×6.5inch CSA 5spokes
Performance:13.71@100mph   (0-100 in 5.31  13.31@173kmh G-tech)
Future Plans:Autronic engine management, VG30 BBT3, custom manifolds, proper porting and cam change.  More boost!!
Damo would like to say a special thanks to Stuart and Julie for the use of their shed during the respray.
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