Tarragon’s ET

Name: Tarragon
Email: tarragon@n12turbo.com
Model: ET
Location Melbourne
Year: 1986
Colour: Light Blue.
Period of ownership: approx. 3 years.
Engine mods:Red Rocker Engine
Daiken heavy duty clutch.
Relocated airflow meter.
Simota ‘heat shield’ pod style filter
Interior Mods:VDO stereo.
Speco boost gauge.
Air/fuel ratio LED display.
Exterior mods:
Future Plans:T28 turbo
RB30E throttle body
Increase wastegate pipe length and install air reservoir to counteract turbo lag
Brake upgrade – front vented+slotted+cross-drilled (if available), rear slotted,
Bendix Ultimate pads.  
Also looking at the possibility of a full brake conversion, possibly to a Magna setup, if the master cylinder will fit.
Rear stabiliser bar.
3″ turbo dump pipe.
2.5″ exhaust with straight through muffler.
Increase boost slightly.
GSR Lancer intercooler (or better – I just happen to have one of these).
Increase boost more.
Suspension/shocks upgrade and lowering.
16″ RHO ZY coloured rims (black/blue metallic).
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