Callan’s ET

Name: Callan
Model: ET
Location —
Year: 1984
Colour: Factory Blue
Period of ownership: 18 months.
Engine mods:T28 turbo Relocated afm 2 ½ exhaust from turbo Boot mounted battery Turbosmart type 1 bov Uni filter. Turbo exess bleeder making 10-14psi depending on mood Bosch fuel pump Header tank from AVO
Interior Mods:Stripped interior ie. no carpet and no backseat Custom torn front seats Speco Boost gauge Razo Turbo timer Had some stezza but some c**k flogged it Tiny old school deep dish rally steering wheel 12’’ wide Carbon fibre gear knob
Exterior mods:Stickers Cut springs Drop tank Lotsa bumper removed for cooler to be fitted High temp brake pads
Wheels:Racing Spec type R $5 spray job
Performance:Not yet run.
Future Plans:I have this big f#@k off cooler that im too poor to fit up (apprentice wages see) New clutch Fitting an EATON FULLER gear stick out of a kenworth for a duel stage boost controller switch
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