Philips’ Milano X1T

Name: Phillip Auger
Model: Milano X1T
Location —
Year: 1985
Colour: White
Period of ownership: 4 Years.
Engine mods:Rebuilt Factory 8.0 to 1 compression motor T25 turbo RS Legacy water to air intercooler system Bosch BOV All emission control and Air Con removed 2 inch exhaust (no cat) VL Throttle Body Port matched head and inlet manifold Adjustable boost. 16psi Relocated AFM with K&N filter
Interior Mods:Interior is pretty good from the factory, with black and frog green seats, all trimmings Black VDO boost gauge
Exterior mods:It came out from Japan with a bodykit already on it and factory wing spoiler , was also a rare model milano with the color coded bumpers
Wheels:14×6 with 195/60/14 semi slicks front
Performance:15.1 @93 MPH over a year ago with RX7 cooler, street tyres. 147HP at the wheels on 13psi 2 years ago, factory T/B
Future Plans:Selling car, if I get caught speeding again no licence 🙁

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