David’s ET

Name: David Fearns
Email:N12_e15et@yahoo.com David_Fearns@hotmail.com
Model: ET
Location —
Year: 1985
Colour: Red
Period of ownership: This one, 6 Months
Engine mods:“Stock” apart from exhaust, but have plans (like everyone else I guess) The car has done 200k and still had the factory timing belt on @190k when I bought it
Interior Mods:Currently working on interior, it is predominately beige, converting it to grey/black.
Exterior mods:Full respray – Red (deeper red than factory), bonnet vents, lowed (kings)
Wheels:Factory, looking to get polished
Performance:16sec maybe (on it’s best day)
Future Plans:Have got a intercooler off a supra , HKS plumbing, Turbosmart Type 1 blowoff valve to be fitted with fully rebuilt engine and looking to T25 it.
Other Infomation:Previously had a 85 Et, black, and it went like a dog shot in the ass…  I had a VN commodore that was stolen and needed a car and I spotted a ET on the side of the road for $800. I picked up for $600 as is, for the motor and running gear were in vgc but the body had been overcome with rust (non-factory sunroof leaked)  Did a quick fix on it (tinplate, pop reverts and fibreglass)  I was impressed with the performance, but was horrified to see how the intake has 3 90° bends around the engine before it gets to the turbo.  (Thought that I was the first one to think of the airflow meter relocation with the battery in the boot.) After purchasing a boost gauge,  I played around with bleeding the air from the turbo to the actuator into the car and crimp the hose to run at 7Psi or let the air flow and have my manifold pressure at 15psi.    It went hard for months until the inevitable happened, I took off hard and punched second gear and at around 4500RPM the exhaust impeller sheared off (no BOV)…  That car was then stripped and shipped, only keeping parts of use.  Engine was stripped and evaluated, and it appears that only the factory pistons didn’t withstand up to the hammering I gave it.  That engine is to be rebuilt..
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