Travis’s CA18DET powered GL Pulsar

Name: Travis Place
Model: Pulsar GL
Location Gold Coast, QLD
Year: 1984
Colour: Currently Gold, not sure what colour im going to paint it yet.
Period of ownership: About 1 year, but i have never driven this car 🙁
Engine mods:CA18DET Conversion (fairly obvious).
Custom Engine Mounts
Custom Driveshafts
Custom Intercooler (3″ core)
Custom 3″ Mandrel bent exhaust with single muffler
Custom Tune-Length Exhaust Manifold
Larger Turbo (T3 from a VG30-DETT)
Haltech E6K ECU (soon to be anyway)
Interior Mods:None as yet, but car is getting a total new interior, perhaps in leather ? im not too sure yet.
Exterior mods:None as yet, but car is getting painted as soon as i can afford it. Not sure what colour yet, but im open to suggestions.
Wheels:Standard silvia wheels for the time being, im still deciding on which style of 16/17″ wheel i like.
Future Plans:Forged Pistons
More boost.
Website: is where all pics of my pulsar will go, for sorting).
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