Jamie’s 84 ET

Jamie brought this fibre’d up Red ET for his 21st Birthday in completely bog stock form for the sum of $6500…..

2 weeks after he bought it the turbo said bye bye… in a big cloud of smoke…. so the car was towed to Mike Vine in Brisbane and received what they called a Stage 1 power-up. This consisted of a 2 1/2″ Mandrel bent exhaust system, increased boost to 11psi, new T2 turbocharger and dyno tuning all up costing around $1200.

 He drove around like this for the next few years, during that time having installed a “kick arse” stereo system which was later removed and sold.

Then came the engine… or more like then the engine let go !!  BANG!!!!….

The car was again towed to a place called “insert mechanic whom I do not recommend here” whereby Jamie walked out about $3000 lighter and a new engine (bit pricey??). He had just run the car in when it got stolen from outside his work but was lucky enough to find the car in a car park with a snapped drive shaft. Something that is seriously hard to do!!  So the ET was bought home when rust started to form in the usual places. At this time he bought a race seat and some 16″ speedy GT Spoke wheels.

Jamie soon brought a VL Calais while he let the little ET sit in the weather (shame on u!) and gave his 16’s to his wifes (now ex) car and put the stockers back on.

After a couple of years with the Calais he decided it was time to sell it and fix the his “baby” up!

So the Calais was sold, and he spent a sh!t load of money on the beast getting all the rust cut out and custom bodykit fitted and fully resprayed. On went new 16″ wheels, a new interior, accompanied by a full set of KYB shocks and lowered springs.

Next the brakes were improved by adding cross drilled and slotted rotors on the front and slotted on the rear with new wheel bearings all round while the hubs were off.

Next up the trusty AFM relocation process was carried out and a VL Throttle body was added for improved inlet flow. With these sort of mods on the engine the gearbox was struggling to keep up (as most e15et boxes do!) and after taking the new and improved ET out for a spin, the gearbox cried no more…. 🙁

Jamie took it to a mate who owns a gearbox shop, and $1600 later walked out with a reconditioned gearbox, new clutch, and new 3.11 Crown and pinion

Name: Jaime
Model: ET
Location —
Year: 1985
Colour: —
Period of ownership: —
Engine mods:AFM reloc
11psi boost, creeping to 14-15 on cold nights.
2 1/2″ mandrel exh, with 4″chromie
New gearbox with lower gear ratio and HD clutch
Interior Mods:New interior
Sports seat
Exterior mods:KYB shock and Lowered springs
Crossdrilled and slotted rotors
full body kit and respray
Wheels:16″ wheels
Future Plans:Supra Cooler
Custom Grill
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