Hieu’s 85 EXA

Name: Hieu
Email: svrmr@hotmail.com
Model: EXA
Location —
Year: —
Colour: —
Period of ownership: 18 months.
Engine mods:First was a Simota air filter pod($30), Then came the popular air flow meter relocation off the turbo ($20) and found a great increase in response and a pretty honry chhh sound on gears.. He had a 2.5 inch front mandrel bend and press-bent rear exhaust made up ($180) And a large custom made muffler ($250) Then when the GFB BOV’s were released he purchased the type 1 ($190+ 30 DIY installation) single trumpet version and have had a bit of fun with that ever since.. Next was a Supra intercooler ($190) and associated plumbing in either mandrel bent pipes found off factory cars or press-bent pipes ($50)… Garrett T25
Interior Mods:GREDDY turbo timer Pricol boost gauge The interior is pretty much guttered from the front seats back and he has no spare wheel as he figures there is really no point as three 17 inch tyres and one 13 inch was going to be pointless anyway.
Exterior mods: 
Wheels:17×7 Vallens and 4×205/40 Dunlop Le-mans
Future Plans:Hieu’s not to sure of what his future modifications will be next, but he may do a few runs down AIR to guage the performance increase and then possibly sell the car.
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