Forced induction

These pages are to be used as only an introductory guide to the types of modifications available to E15ET owners.  Additional detailed information can be obtained through a qualified technician or mechanic, or the E15ET mailing list

Pressure Release (Blow-Off) Valve

Boost pressure and air speeds in the inlet ducting post-compressor increase as the turbo speed increases and rams that air mix in – fine.  When the throttle is lifted, however, the throttle valve snaps shut and leaves this…

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Intercooler Positioning

Air to Air (ATA) Positioning of ATA intercoolers can be divided into two main category’s. Those being front mount and top mount. The following photos illustrate the possible positions that ATA intercoolers can be placed in an ET…

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Choosing an intercooler

Intercooling your E15ET engine The installation of an intercooler to your e15et engine is one of the most important performance modifications you can carry out. Intercooling lowers the temperature of the intake air, reduces the danger of detonation,…

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Turbo upgrade options for the E15ET

Being a Nissan engine, we are lucky to have in my opinion the widest range of turbo-chargers available, that being the popular Garrett brand. And at the same time, being a small capacity engine it allows us to…

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While the concept of turbo-changeovers is usually presented to address the forced-induction craving of most force-fed Pulsar drivers, there are other options available which are less-often considered. This is where supercharging gets its fifteen minutes of fame. There…

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Turbocharger Boost Control

Boost pressure alterations are by far considered the most cost effective modification in almost any turbo car. There are issues to consider when contemplating an increase in boost pressure in an E15ET. Detonation As we (should) know, as…

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DIY 2-Stage Boost Controller

Story by Martin Donnon and Hot 4’s Magazine Original Scans courtesy of Damien D. It’s a well known fact. Anyone who doesn’t agree that it’s incredibly cheap and easy to extract additional power from turbo cars has rocks…

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