Intercooler Positioning

  • Air to Air (ATA)

Positioning of ATA intercoolers can be divided into two main category’s. Those being front mount and top mount. The following photos illustrate the possible positions that ATA intercoolers can be placed in an ET or EXA and also give some ideas on intercooler piping routes.

Positioning and piping of Top Mount Air-to-Air intercoolers in an ET or EXA.

Air-to-liquid (ATL)

The position of the intercooler in ATL intercooling is quite similar to top mount intercooling. The main core will be situated within the engine bay while the water radiator will need to be front mounted for adequate air flow. As can be seen below there are 2 main positions that can be chosen.

Positioning of Air-to-liquid intercoolers in an E15ET engine bay.

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