Cam’s EXA

Name: Cameron Lawrence
Model: EXA
Location —
Year: 1983
Colour: Red
Period of ownership: 4 Years.
Engine mods:Standard unleaded BRC motor.
Standard ECU.
Standard Manifolds.
Standard Injectors.
Hi-flowed T25 running 15psi.
Front mounted GTiR intercooler.
Adjustable cam wheel.
Relocated AFM.
2.5’’ press bent exhaust.
Brass button clutch.
After market fuel pump.
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
Turbosmart Type 1 BOV.
Interior Mods:Boost guage.
Exterior mods:Lowered springs.
Wheels:13” mags with 185/65 Kuhmo 769 rubber.
Performance:13.43 @ 101 mph.
Future Plans:See how far I can take the standard setup without going to aftermarket ECU.
Thanks to Dad, Gary, Jason, Robby, Dean, Steve from Milanco Performance Engineering and my family and friends for putting up with the car.
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