Jerome’s EXA

Name: Jerome Butler
Model: EXA
Location NSW
Year: 1985
Colour: White
Period of ownership: 9 Months.
Engine mods:Rebuild ported polished head
Stage 2 cam
Double valve springs
High mount et manifold
GT28 (10/18 psi)
Haltech boost controller
Hybrid cooler (600x300x3”)
Autronic ecu
Cdi ignition system
550 injectors
Walbro 400hp fuel pump
Full 3 inch system
Heavy duty clutch
Interior Mods:Autometer Monster Tacho & Boost guage
Greddy turbo timer
Exterior mods:2 pack white respray
Wheels:Std black et ‘sleepers’
Performance:145kw @ 18psi
Future Plans:Custom manifold, strengthen bottom end + stroked e16, custom lsd box, more boost, WRX seats… HOPEFULLY approx 165kw atw….
Thanks to Yazuz, Valance, and Chris from Unigroup Engineering (0402958864) for their time spent to get this thing on the road
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