Tom’s 83 EXA

The car has now been fully straightend (4 months!) and painted in Glasurit-based colour called Prismacoat. The effect is called Kingfisher (green to blue) and it’s laid over a bright “Ferrari” type red. Inside the doorjams etc has been done, but under the bonnet is still waiting, it will be receiving something completely crazy when the new motor goes in ๐Ÿ˜‰ The sills/bumpers/wiper arms are sprayed in a black base with an Azurite (blue to invisible) effect over the top.

Body mods are – shaved doorhandles (access by alarm function), fuel filler door replaced by Honda CBR lockable cap, side indicators replaced with flush XE (I think?) bumper indicators, rear bootlock also shaved. All badgework removed and the C-pillar vents sprayed black with a green glitter.

As for the motor, the intercooler still hasn’t gone on, it’s waiting til the new motor goes in. It’s a RRC-headed aussie donk, just rebuilt back to stock, no special tricks or wizardry. Boost control is now the domain of a Blitz DSBC (not an AVC-R!).

Rims are now 17×7 BSA cheapies, I got them cause my Boyd Coddington billets were taking too damn long and then I was told they weren’t coming at all, so I had these rims powdercoated.

Interior is now – new grey carpet, white dash/hoodlining/pillars etc, 2 import Recaros retrimmed in white with “Hungry Jack’s” style red glitter vinyl to break up the white. The door trims feature the sparkly red/white combo in a ‘wave’ that continues around the whole car. Back seats are removed and boards are in their place. Momo Race is still in place, albeit changing colour as well soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ricey additions include – red dice valve caps, red mirror ball, 2 red cushions for the ex back seat (tassels and all ;)). full underbody neons, airbrushed mural on the bonnet. The ‘Tokyo Termite’ is a name I adapted from a book on WW2 bombers and I combined that with Ms October 1944 (I think) from ‘Esquire’ magazine. Why? I always liked the style of art and I wanted something I had never seen before – mission accomplished ๐Ÿ˜€

Tom would also like to thank the narrow minded judges of the Townsville Show and Shine. Just because it’s not a V8 doesn’t mean it can’t win awards you Rednecks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

More updates to follow (along with interior pics!)

ย Old Pics:


” I got my 1983 EXA Turbo in late 1999. She stayed stock for all of 3 days before I fitted a 2.5 inch exhaust and a turbo timer. Soon after, followed a boost gauge (cheapy ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and a rampod air filter. All was well till I had a slight altercation with a gutter and stuffed one of my rear stub axles. Next mod was the ET disc rear end with DBA slotted and drilled rotors. Had the car back for 3 days when I t-boned a guy on around-about (his fault).

After waiting 4 months to get my car back, I got stuck straight into it again with a new boost gauge (yay for backlit!), cheapo steering wheel and a Trustยฎ turbo timer (Christmas present). After a few dramas with the computer and dizzy, all was well.

Til Mr Plod saw fit to give me a lovely defect notice for bald tires (Dunno how that happened ;)) So in the week after, I got myself a set of 15 inch rims and was happy with that. Then the head went and she was off the road for a month or so.

Got the head cleaned up etc and back on (a HKS BOV went on sometime around here as well), tooled around in her (scaring pedestrians with my BOV) until someone that attended a party at my place thought that they would like to test drive my car. They crashed it into something and dumped it on the end of my street. The damage was relatively minor but still enough to p!ss me off. So in the 3 (or so!) months after that, I got stuck into removing the air-con and the back seats. Also in this time I fitted my MOMO steerer (thanks Linda!) and the new manifolds/turbo. Much thanks to my mechanic who ended up fixing everything I screwed up ๐Ÿ™‚

Also with the new turbo came the new dump pipe, muffler, blitz BOV, lowering, tint and a redo of the stereo. That’s pretty much how she ended up the way she is, with just that RS intercooler that’s taking up space in my garage to go on ๐Ÿ™‚ After that I’ll boost her up and see how it holds together. All up she’s been a great car, even though so much has gone wrong, I don’t think I could get rid of her! “

Old Info: (New info will be added when it’s fully finished)

Name: Tom aka 8odgy
Model: Exa
Year: 1983
Colour: Silver
Period of ownership: 3 Years
Engine mods:Reconditioned head
Cleaned up ports (nothing drastic though)
T25G Turbo (ex-S13 SR20DET), currently on 6-7psi
Jap Import Manifolds (inlet and exhaust)
RS Liberty water-to-air setup
Relocated battery to boot (Odyssey “dry cell”)
Relocated AFM
HKS Super Power Flow Pod Filter
Heavy Duty RPM clutch
Blitz Super Sound BOV
3″ mandrel dump (to firewall) to 2.5″ exhaust system with angled N1-style muffler
Rear disc conversion from ET Pulsar
Interior Mods:Semi-stripped interior (no rear seats)
Autometer Boost Gauge, Oil Pressure and Monster Tacho (on loan from little brother :))
GReddy Turbo Timer
MOMO Race steering wheel, GREX gearknob (billet), Razo pedals
RPM 4-point Harness
T35 tint all round (not too dark, but hey, it’s legal)
Clarion CD player, Alpine Splits, Rockford Fosgate 40×2 amp
Viper Alarm System
Exterior mods:X-Drilled and slotted fronts with slotted rear discs
15×7 Auscar Concept Shadowspoke rims with Yokohama S306 rubber (195/50/15)
Lowered with King Springs
Personalised plates ๐Ÿ™‚
Wheels: 17×7 BSA “cheapies”
Future Plans:
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