Martin’s EXA

Name: Martin
Model: EXA
Location NSW
Year: 1985
Colour: Red
Period of ownership: 3 Months.
Engine mods:2.5 inch exhaust.
High flow T2 running 18 pounds.
K&N pod filter.
RPM high pressure clutch.
VL Throttle body.
Interior Mods:In Cabin Boost Controller.
Boost Gauge.
Turbo Timer.
Jaycar Response Amp (2x100RMS).
Kenwood 7×10’s.
Exterior mods:Sideskirts
Dont care about exterior just want it to go hard.
Future Plans:T28.
Microtech engine management.
Bigger injectors ( Bosch 036 or FJ20).
Relocate the airfilter.
VL fuel pump.
Malpassi rising rate fuel pressure regulator.
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