Ellen’s 83 EXA

Name: Ellen Bumstead
Model: EXA
Location —
Year: 1983
Colour: Silver
Period of ownership: Sept 96 – Present
Engine mods:180SX turbo
2.5″ Dump Pipe & 2.5″ Exhaust w/ s-thru muffler
RX-7 Intercooler, Front mount (and still have A/C, sorry ET owners)
1.75″ Intercooler pipes, HPC Coated
Bosch Blow Off
Bleed type boost control
History Came with replacement engine
Rebuilt top due to timing belt
Rebuilt motor due to smoke
Replaced turbo due to smoke
Detonation started due to rebuilt head
Melted piston due to detonation
New ex race motor with my rebuilt head
Still Detonating
Put up with it for 12mths
Blew turbo and drove 1200KM home from AYR to BNE
Good head unavailable, got entire engine from wreckers for $400. Got turbo from Autospeed forums off import motor. No idea of history of either.
Holds 15PSI boost, no detonation, no probs.
Car has effectively had 5 engines, 4 turbo’s.
Interior Mods:Fire Extinguisher
Alarm, sirens inside (Editor: Ouch!)
Stereo, JL Splits, 2 Amps, 2 10″ subs, 2 ways in rear.
Boost gauge
Fake Carbon over dash and trim
UHF Radio
Exterior mods:Lowered Kings
H/D Front Sway Bar
Twin Rear ET Sway Bars
Performance Mags
185/60/14 Yoki tyres
Koni Shocks
Rear Wing
Neon number plate surround
Spot Lights (Aircraft)
High Intensity Leds on front
Wheels:14″ Performance, Yoki A539’s
Future Plans:Clean up exterior trim, Improve Boost control, Redo intercooler pipework, Hope motor holds together
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