Daniel’s EXA

Name: Daniel Broadbent
Model: EXA
Location Morwell, Vic
Year: 1986
Colour: Yellow over black two tone
Period of ownership: 2 Months
Engine mods:It is currently standard, but is soon to have a rebuild on the turbo, intercooler, blow off valve, extractors and exhaust.
Interior Mods:Blue and black “TURBO” interior as standard
Pioneer CD head unit
    /////ALPINE Type S 6in Splits
      /////ALPINE Type R 6in 2way
Sub- Cerwin Vega 15 inch sub (140+db)
Harmony Gold Crossovers/4 inch midranges (in dash)
Amp- Clarion VNET 4150 (4x150watt RMS)
Blue Momo race air-leather gearknob
Momo shoulder pads
(notes: there are standard 6 inch speaker holes in rear side panels)
Exterior mods:It is standard apart from the /////ALPINE Type-R decaling on the window. Oh yeah, my L plates too J
Wheels:MOMO Sport 17x8inch, 225x45x17 tyres(front), 205x40x17 tyres(rear)
Future Plans:More boost, lower it, exhaust and two 15 inch subs.
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