Ben’s 84 EXA

Name: Ben Maxwell
Model: EXA
Location —
Year: 1984
Colour: Silver
Period of ownership: 5 years.
Engine mods:Unleaded E15ET (1986)
Relocated AFM
Type 2 turbo smart B.O.V
Turbo smart boost control.
Hi flow T2 with 4mm bigger compressor turbine
3in exhaust
TurboSmart bleed valve
Bigger valves
Interior Mods:Speco Guages
Later model center console
Harnesses (more soon)
Monster tach (auto meter)
Exterior mods:Colour coded
Side indicators removed
Modified (shortened) monroe shocks
King springs
Pumped guards,
Tinted lenses,
Single wiper
Tinted Windows
Lowered 3 Inch’s
Wheels: 17in performance lotus-205/40 tyres.
Performance: —
Future Plans:New motor is still in its build prosess with a wolf 3d on the way. That motor is to be intercooled with a t25.
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