Anton’s EXA

As you can see the car is still in a building stage and will be finished soon. New pics will be uploaded when it’s completed.

Name: Anton Botha
Model: EXA
Location South Africa
Year: 1987
Colour: Kawasaki Racing Green
Period of ownership: Almost 2 years.
Engine mods:TDO-4 Turbo.
Extra injectors.
Blow off valve.
Flowed head.
63mm Exhaust.
Interior Mods:Standard Interior.
Just Boost Gauge Mods.
Exterior mods:Kawasaki racing green with blue and white. design on the side.
Front bumper Mods.
(Still under construction and not ready yet 12/08/2002) Have been building for almost a year now.
Wheels: 15-inch EVO-R
Performance: 14.5 Sec. 160 km/h
Future Plans:Adding NOS.
Mounting Bigger Turbo & Cooler.
Bigger injectors.
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