Matt’s 85 ET

Name: Matthew Dutton
Model: ET
Location —
Year: 1985
Colour: White
Period of ownership: Since Feb. 2000
Engine mods:Rebuilt Jap import motor
ACL bearings and pistons
Bored 20thou oversize
Match ported head
Reground cam by Wade (2720 duration)
Custom made front mounted intercooler
Turbosmart Type 3 BOV
2.5’ mandrel bent exhaust
Microtech MT8 engine management
Hi-flowed T25 turbo
Turbosmart two stage adjustable boost controller (8-14psi
Simota air-filter straight off the turbo (sits just below the front spoiler).
RPM four puck brass button clutch, which is suprisingly light and is pretty much like  standard clutch except it bites in a lot harder.
DBA cross drilled slotted front discs, Bendix pads all round.
King spring superlows
Adjustable monroe shocks
Interior Mods:87 mdl interior Autotechnica steering wheel Autometer boost gauge Tinted windows JVC head unit, canton splits, kenwood 7×10’s.
Exterior mods:Full standard Nissan bodykit White 2-pak respray  (The car looks good the way it is, it doesn’t attract too much attention which is good).
Wheels:Standard (like the sleeper look)
Performance:14.645@99.34mph, with a 2.6 60ft time and excess wheelspin, I think given the mph and a better take off the car should be good for an easy low 14 (14.2-14.4), as this was recorded on only my second run a calder. Because it was so busy I only got two runs on the night.
Future Plans:T28. Microtech engine management. Bigger injectors ( Bosch 036 or FJ20). Relocate the airfilter. VL fuel pump. Malpassi rising rate fuel pressure regulator.
Website: I should also hopefully be starting a webpage dedicated to front wheel drive turbos, mainly ET’s, TX3’s etc. I will hopefully be running it in conjunction with a local car club/ cruise club which I am in.
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