Gareth’s ET #2

31/03/03 – Today the ‘GL’ went on the Dyno. With the new intercooler, and a little more boost ( 22psi ) it pumped out 128kw @ wheels. He also now has installed a new stronger box with n13 internals which he plans to run with the new Micky Thompson slicks (22/8/15). This weekend he is heading to A.I.R. to improve on the current 13.5, which from the looks of it that won’t be a problem!  

1/03/03 – Well he’s done it again. Over the weekend Gareth went back to the track with a new intercooler setup and a few pound more boost (up to 21psi now). Still using street rubber which shows the 2.34second 60ft time, it still managed a very impressive 13.59 @ 106 MPH. This puts him to position 4 now in the top 10. Here’s a few pics from the track:

04/02/03 – Gareth took the car to A.I.R in SA to see what she can do. The best time of the night was a very impressive 13.86 sec quarter mile time still using street rubber! Unfortunetly the terminal speed indicator at the track was playing up so he didn’t get a final MPH speed, however with a 84.4 MPH half track it would be up around 107 MPH mark. This puts him at number 5 position in the Australian E15 Top 10. Before the next meet he is installing a new big intercooler along with a stage 2 cam, head work and some more tuning of the MT8. Slicks are also on the cards so that will definelty bring the 60ft time down a lot more!    

19/01/03 — Well after the standard T28 let go, Gareth replaced it with an upgraded T28 ball bearing unit. On the dyno with no tuning as yet it pumped out 120kw @ wheels which is a decent figure, however after a tune and some more go fast bits Gareth is hoping to be up around the 150kw @ wheels mark.

12/01/03 – This is Gareth’s new ET. After the sale of his other blue ET, it was time to buy another, and this time just concentrate on building it for Top 10 duties. This time there has been a big sway towards weight removal and going for the sleeper look. We hope to see this ET in the pointy end of the Top 10 soon.  

Name: Gareth Norton
Model: ET – GL look a like
Location Adelaide
Year: 1985
Colour: Silver
Period of ownership: Few months (stock when bought)
Engine mods:Stock motor (ACL pistons etc)
Ported inlet / exh manifolds
S14 T28 (20 PSI)
3 inch dump to 2.5 inch mandrel system
Microtech LT8
Bosch 036 injectors
1.5 Litre surge tank
VL Turbo pressure pump
Pulsar GtiR F/Mount cooler
2 ¼ inch cooler pipes with BOV
VL Throttle Body
80 % HD pressure plate
4 puck clutch plate
Interior Mods:N13 SSS front seats
Gutted interior
No TAR on floors
No sound deading under carpets
Nothing under the dash
Fully rewired
Rear seats have been gutted and reinstalled to look stock
All that could be stripped has been stripped
Exterior mods:Made to Look like a N12 GL
Wheels: Silvia 15” steel wheels
Performance: —
Future Plans:85 HP NOS system
Head work
Thanks to
Pulsar Parts and Exhaust Technology
Website: —
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