E15ET Injector Compatibility and Flow Rates

Compiled by Sash

  • FJ20T 450cc
  • Supra (single turbo) 440cc
  • VR4 450cc
  • 13B N/a 430cc
  • 13B Turbo S5 550cc
  • Bosch 036 (Merc V8) 380cc 76HP
  • Bosch 024 (Volvo) 380cc 76HP (Not sure if these fit)
  • Bosch 402 (Ford??) 330cc (Not sure if these fit)
  • Z18 350
  • FJ20 350
  • CA18DET 320-340cc 60-64hp
  • RB30ET/E15ET injectors 250cc 48HP
  • RB30E injectors 200cc 40HP
  • CA and FJ are hose tail and bolt in
  • 4AG(ZE?) fits

The SR series of injectors are not interchangeable with the E15ET engine and are only listed for flow rate values:

  • SR20VE 333cc
  • SR20DE 259cc
  • S13 SR20DET 370cc
  • S13 SR20DET injectors 380cc (Purple) 72hp
  • S13 SR20DET GTiR 444cc
  • S14 SR20DET 420ish? (definately bigger than S13; also series 2 bigger that series 1)
  • S14 SR20DET 480
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