Drag Racing – Heathcoate 27/10/02

Over the weekend at Heathcote Park Raceway, Con Anestis drove his Gold ET to a very impressive 12.20 @ 118mph.

His first few runs were always going to be easy after he smashed his driveshaft last time at Calder with a hard launch off the line.

Cons’ passes of the day were:

1st Pass: 13.87 @ 115mph (89mph mid track)

2nd Pass: 12.64 @ 117mph (90 mid, 2.0 second 60ft)

He then reduced the tyre pressure down to 6psi to try and find some added traction.

3rd Pass: 12.27 @ 114 mph (93 mid track, 1.85 60ft)

You can see that the reduced tyre pressure helps the 60ft time but kills the top end. He then ran:

4th Pass: 12.33 @ 117mph (92 mid track, 1.9 60ft)

5th Pass: 12.20 @ 118mph (95 mid track, 1.95 60ft)

The winds were very strong and gusty with quite a head wind which most likely stopped the car from running clost to 120mph.

Geordo also ran his Pulsar on Sunday after a long absence from the track. Using re-capped tyres the burgandy ET ran a 15.22 @ 97mph with a very average 60ft time of 2.6 seconds thanks to the ‘quality’ rec-caps ;-). Unfortunetly his radiator sprung a small leak and therefore his first pass was also to be his last for the day. No doubt this car has much more potential in it and with a decent tune for high boost, it should run over 100mph. That with a decent set of rubber under the front feet should see it go close to a 13.

Info and pics courtesy of Geordo and Fullboost.com.au

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