Drag Racing – 20B Powered EXA


Wow! Thats one word that comes to mind when you take a look what one could call a N12 Nissan Pulsar EXA. This would have to be the most modified vehicle sporting an N12 EXA shell on this planet! The car is used for circuit racing and as you can see doesn’t keep much of the setup that Nissan intended the EXA to have 20 odd years ago. What you now see is a full tube frame chassis, rear wheel drive, 20B rotary powered weapon. Currently non-turbo’d however in a chassis that weighs much less than the original 900 odd kilograms, the power to weight ratio is already enough to put much more powerful circuit cars to shame. You might notice similarities with the ex-bathurst Gibson racing EXA in its flared body kit, however that’s virtually where it ends. There will be more info to come on the car shortly, however just for now take a closer look of the car whilst it was at Maztech for some work.

A big thanks to Andrew from Maztech for the pics


Some may have known of the orange n12 EXA that runs a 20B rotory engine and converted to rear wheel drive. The car has not been seen for a long time, until now. A mate of mine spotted it racing at Sandown last weekend. Here’s a few quick pictures he took for me. Thanks to Chris for these.

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