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18_10_04 Gone but never to be forgotten….

ETN12 18/05/00 to 18/10/04

Who would of thought you could fall in love with a piece of metal? I guess when you think about it a big part of love exists from the creation of memories, of events in your life that this other person has shared with you. But sometimes it doesn’t always have to be a person to have shared big parts of your life, sometimes it can be a thing you have poured heartache, love, time and money into.. sometimes it can be a car.

This time it was a little blue car that some of you know as ETN12.   Some people already know, however to the rest of the readers and people in the n12 world, my pride and joy has now be passed on.

Some people already know, however to the rest of the readers and people in the n12 world, my pride and joy has now be passed on. After nearly 5 years of ownership, the time to move on has arrived. I’m at the point in my life now, professionally speaking, where I need somewhat of a more modern (boring?) car and unfortunately I don’t have the space to keep ETN12 along with another car. I had the option of storing it at my parents place, but keeping it locked up under cover is just doing this car injustice. With that in mind I made the decision to accept an offer I was made on the car, on the single hope/belief that the new owner will not only look after the car like I have, but will develop the car even further and possibly see its name on the Top 10 in time.

Will I ever own another N12 Turbo? Perhaps somewhere down the line I will have the room and money to attempt to go a little crazy on my first ever passion in cars, however it’s a question only time can answer.

Whatever lies in the future of that question, one thing is for certain I will never forget the people I have met, the friends I have made and the things I have learnt from owning such an incredible little car we all know as the Nissan Pulsar N12 Turbo. It has been a huge chapter in my life, and the memories shared with this car, website, and fellow N12 enthusiast’s I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I could keep babbling on here for hours, but I have no doubt already put you to sleep, so with that in mind, I would like to thank the following people that have helped me make ETN12 what it is today. For all the help and support these people have given me, I am truly grateful!

On that note I would also like to wish Tim, the new owner, all the best with my ex-‘baby’ and hope he gets as much out of owning the car as what I have.

Thanks (in no particular order):

  • Mum and Dad
  • Troy M
  • John D
  • Chris B
  • Phil W
  • Harry
  • Tim B
  • Darryl
  • Ben A.
  • Michelle
  • Chris L.
  • Mark and the boys at Pulsar Parts!
  • Dan and Ben at MRD
  • Tarragon
  • Damo
  • Geordo and Luke
  • Nathan
  • Charlie
  • Ray
  • Jamie
  • AlexThe guys at Street Art Wheels.
  • Tony at Dynamic Turbo’s.
  • The guys and gals of the Yahoo! E15ET group for advice and ideas.
  • To anyone else that contributed to the car, I apologise but give much thanks!
  • Last but not least… Thank you ETN12 and the memories for life you have given me. Keep boosting!


26_06_04  Update

Ok ok, so it does absolutely nothing for performance, but I was offered this professional custom built box for an ET plus the 2 x 12 inch subs for a 3 inch stainless steel muffler I didn’t need, so I though why not. The other latest mod is the upgrade from the Prairie rotors to a set of DBA slotted and vented items. These are the same size as the Prairie rotors and have increased break performance greatly over even the first Prairie upgrade.

01_01_04  Its BACK!!!!

The guards are rolled, the engine is run-in and the car feels nice and strong on the road and its about time I say! A big thanks to Mark and Ron down at pulsar parts for there support, to Ben for his patience and excellent engine rebuilding ability and to my roommates that put up with me not having my own car for nearly 9 months! Cheers guys ;-). Here’s a few pics of the finished product:-

19_11_03  New Rims...

7 months have now passed since I have driven the ET, but its getting very close to being finished. Tonight I turned the key over and it fired up first crank. It is currently dumped with no exhaust as there are a few mod’s to be finished on it, so it’s a little loud but she is still running well. Tomorrow or the next it will get the new exhaust and be back on the road, accompanied by my new 16 Inch Speedy Holotype-R rims. They run 205/45/16 rubber and have the standard ET offset but still need the guards to be rolled. Here’s a few pics for now (excuse the 7 month old dust):-

05_10_03  Engine Rebuild Take 2…

Well its been about 6 months that my ET has been off the road which would explain the lack of updates for it. I am having the engine totally rebuilt again after the first rebuild was not done properly at all (What you get for taking it to the wrong mechanic). This time I have been lucky enough to have Ben build the engine for me. Ben is responsible for all the modifications to ‘FUL11’ that resides at number 2 position on the top 10. He has proven to me with ‘ful11’  what he can do with these engines while keeping them virtually standard bottom end wise. There has been a few modifications to the engine this time and these will all be listed when the engine is back in the car and running. For now there are a few ‘progress’ shots and also a pic of the APEXi SAFC I have purchased to try and adopt to the E15ET ecu system.

1_03_03  Turbo Time!…

Finally the T2 has gone! This is something that has been on the cards since I have had the car, although I made the mistake of paying $600 to have the T2 rebuilt after it died a year and a half ago. Since I outlayed such an ammount I thought I should atleast get some use out of it and replace it when it gets tired. Well it got very tired all of a sudden and fully let the exhaust wheel bearing go. There was no way I was going to pay another cent to have this T2 fixed, so with that said it was time to go bigger. Originally on the cards was a T28 however I decided to go for the T25G. They have a noticeable increase in size over the standard T25 as the 25G comes from the SR20DET engine. This one has a 0.80 A/R ratio on the compressor which increases lag, but is more than made up for when boost arrives! (Big thanks to Chris for his help in getting this turbo!)

26_12_02  New Plates…

 Here’s some pics of my new plates. Was rather surprised to see that these  were still available.

29_10_02  New Pics…

Heres a few new pics of my ET taken with my new digital camera. The rims on the car  are ROH 15 inch jobs with 195/50 rubber.

04/06/02  Few more various pics…

Well heres the next batch of photos I’ve randomly snapped off over the past couple of months. Biggest changes you may notice is that pretty anodised-blue metal box.. Yep it’s a Microtech MT8!! It’s not fully installed yet but it’s getting close. The microtech is going to run a set of VR4 quad coil packs along with a set of VR4 injectors good for around 450cc, which may be a little overkill for the time being, but they’re going in anyway. Also a VLT pump will be used to feed the new injectors. Along with this you may also notice the new dark tinted windows and new door trims made out of grey wetsuit type material and using N13 door handles and arm rests. Also the new front spoiler from Pulsar Parts can been seen in some of the pics.

17/03/02  New various pics of rebuild…

I’ve just finished the rebuild of my ET’s engine. Turns out it has done an odd 240,000km’s on it’s original engine so I guess the smoke signs were about due. Luckily since this is it’s first rebuilt the block is completely standard in diameter and therefore only needed to go 20thou oversize for the ACL pistons. While the engine was out it also scored a new 3 inch dump pipe with 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust system. Here are a few pics I had in the camera.

20/10/01  New Intercooler installation pics….

New cooler pics…. I’ve used a series 5 RX7 Intercooler with modified end tanks which is a perfect size for the 1.5litre engine. These coolers have very good flow characteristics yet are still able to maintain the original thermo fan if positioned on the drivers side of the radiator. Piping constists of 2 inch mandrel bent piping from the turbo to the intercooler, and 2.5 inch mandrel bent piping from the cooler to the throttle body. As you can see I’ve had a custom throttle body mount made up to suit the intercooler piping running down the drivers side of the engine. This bracket/mount moves the throttle body further away from the plenum which in effect increases the volume of the standard plenum at the same time giving me a larger radius bend to the OEM plenum. Also you’ll notice the heat shield over the exhaust manifold to reduce heat soak into the cooler’ piping.  

Name:Dave Waldock
Email:dave@n12turbo.com I can be contacted online via ICQ #  –  74707606 or MSN: n12turbo@hotmail.com
Model: ET
LocationToowoomba, QLD
Year: 1985
Colour: Blue
Period of ownership: 2.5  years
Engine mods:Rebuilt BRC engine with 40thou oversized ACL pistons
Std oil cooler removed from engine.
Machined/lightened Jack shaft.
EA Multi-point fuel pump.
Port & Polished head.
Series 5 RX7 intercooler
custom throttle body mount.
VL (RB30) throttle body.
Larger inlet and exhaust valves.
Relocated airflow meter.
Simota air filter and cold air box.
3 inch dump pipe into 2.5 inch exhaust and stainless 3 inch muffler.
Daiken heavy duty clutch.
Fuel pressure guage mounted under bonnet.
8mm Top Gun ignition leads.
Relocated battery position.
Adjustable boost.
Relocated fuel filter position to rear of car.
Interior Mods:Retrimmed Custom door trims with n13 handles.
Pricol Boost and Oil pressure guages
Rare import centre console
Autotechnica steering wheel.
Racing pedals.
Stereo (Head unit, amp & sub, 3-way 6inch fronts, 3-way 6×9 rears)
Alarm featuring keyless entry.
Turbo timer.
‘Nismo’ seat covers.
Hi/low boost switch.
Genuine ‘Nissan Pulsar’ floor mats.
Exterior mods:Dark tinted windows.
Cold air intake scoop above air filter.
Front and rear skirts.
Personalised plates: ETN12
Lowered springs (Kings)
Prairie front disc and caliper conversion.
Absense of grill 🙂
Wheels:16×7 Speedy Holotype-R rims with 205/45/16 rubber
Future Plans:Improved suspension package (Shocks and sway bars)
Seat re-trim.
Malpassi fuel pressure reg.
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