Danny’s ET

Name: Danny Laycock
Model: ET
Location —
Year: 1984
Colour: Blue
Period of ownership: 2 Years
Engine mods:Small front mount cooler V-port BOV 2.5inch exhaust s/steel muffler VL Throttle Home made Boost controller running 10psi Relocated AFM I bought the car in standard form and was in good nick, but the engine was blowing smoke so I got the turbo reconditioned and did not stop the smoke. I then saw the engine was stuffed so it had to be rebuilt  including the head because I blew a big chunk out of it trying to drive it when the timing was fucked. So all the suspension was put in at the same time and when I was driving to get it registered  I got pulled up by the cops and got a pleasant fine of $480! Then after about 6months I relocated the AFM, then bought a small cooler and got polished stainless pipes made up for it with a rapid BOV. Then the exhaust was fitted to achieve a noticeable power difference(especially top end power). I found the Bov to be giving me idle problems so I bought a new turbosmart item for $250 and fixed the problem. Since then I just did a few interior mods and now I`m just waiting for my bro to finish my manifold so I can get this bigger turbo put on, but I have to make sure that my fuel system will be up to snuff so detonation won’t be a problem.
Interior Mods:Boost gauge Minor door retrim Steering wheel Shortened shifter Greddy turbotimer Cup holder Air freshener
Exterior mods:Lowered kings Springs Monroe GT shocks Rear skirt was sourced Ttinted windows
Wheels:Standard rims with 185/60 GT Rubber
Performance:15.68@89mph  Running 9psi with no cooler 2nd run bleeder valve stuffed up and spiked 18psi and blew a head gasket.
Future Plans:T3 style off a rb20 Nics motor is going on with a stainless 3”dump pipe purchased a supra cooler new fuel pump and adjustable regulator I have a set of FJ20 injectors which will be going on when the regulator is purchased

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