Congratulations to Tony and the guys at Motortech, they have extended their lead on the Top Ten list.




Top 10 List

1. T. Jovanovski


2. Dan Murphy


3. Bjorn Holmberg


4. Con Anestis


5. Chris Luu


6. Lou Matreski


7. Rob Smidt


8. Sam Parker


9. N. Sutherland


10. S. Coulson


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(29/07/06) New Forum Open!!

As many have requested for sometime, the change from the Yahoo E15ET group has been taken aboard. The group now takes the form of the popular bulletin board software and user interface. At the same time the classifieds on the Network54 will also be relocated to the new forum (No more banners!). I will however keep a link to the old classifieds for a few weeks, just for reference to existing posts. Any new for sale posts to be under the new forum please. All existing group rules and various new rules will apply. Please take the time to register and read these rules carefully. Enjoy


I found a background I made up of ETN12 for my own computer back when I had the car. Thought some may like an n12turbo.com background to use.  1028x768 - 1280x960


CMS Performance has 18 sets of N12 Coil overs manufactured and ready for sale. Check out their website for more details.


A great little movie of Ryan competing in a local motorkhana. Download here (Right Click and 'Save Target as' - 4.7meg)