Congratulations to Tony and the guys at Motortech, they have extended their lead on the Top Ten list.



Top 10 List

1. T. Jovanovski


2. Dan Murphy


3. Bjorn Holmberg


4. Con Anestis


5. Chris Luu


6. Lou Matreski


7. Rob Smidt


8. Sam Parker


9. N. Sutherland


10. S. Coulson


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(02/12/17) New N12Turbo.com Website In Development

I'm sure many of you are aware that the N12turbo.com's main website hasn't been updated in over 10 years. But, there is some good news. For a while now, we have been working on a huge overhaul to the website. The whole thing is being rebuilt from the ground up. It will feature a new design, new content, fully responsive website (that means it will work on mobile & tablet devices!). We are even thinking of making an N12Turbo store, where you can purchase N12 Merch and accessories. As well as finding other stores & ways to source hard to find N12 parts. There is heaps more planned too. The site isn't dead, and the community is growing every day. Hopefully it won't be too long before the site is launched. It's nearly ready, we are just working on finishing touches and moving all the old content on here to the new format, which is a very labour intensive process. Stay tuned for more updates!

(29/07/06) New Forum Open!!

The change from the Yahoo E15ET group to a PHPBB Forum has been taken aboard. Please take the time to register and read these rules carefully.


I found a background I made up of ETN12 for my own computer back when I had the car. Thought some may like an n12turbo.com background to use.   1028x768 - 1280x960


CMS Performance has 18 sets of N12 Coil overs manufactured and ready for sale. Check out their website for more details.


A great little movie of Ryan competing in a local motorkhana. Downloadhere (Right Click and 'Save Target as' - 4.7meg)